My Bitcoin Heart… Introduction explores Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies… what is happening and what you need to know.

We go into Bitcoin Investing, buying Bitcoin, watch Bitcoin market valuation along with other Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is a phenomena that is here to stay and might eventually “re-write” much of what we consider to be true as it relates to “money” and how it is used.

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is considered by some to be as important an innovation as the Internet itself. Blockchain technology decentralizes control of information, making it secure and accessible to all. Blockchain, and Bitcoin, has never been successfully hacked, even though many have tried.

Bitcoin takes the power to issue currency out of the hands of the Privately Owned Central Bankers, and distributes this power to individuals with the simple desire to involve themselves through engaging in “Cryptocurrency Mining”.

“Cryptocurrency Mining” involves connecting to a Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency network and lending your computing power to the “Pool” in order to process worldwide virtual currency transactions. As a reward for contributing computing power, miners are rewarded Bitcoin/Crypto whenever they “solve” the complex mathematically problems necessary to process transactions.

All this and more will be revealed at MyBitcoinHeart!

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